Of all websites on the internet, about 27% are powered by WordPress. From small businesses, bloggers, artist portfolios to the big giants like TIME and CNN join this incredible realm every day.

It’s no wonder that thousands of people take advantage of WordPress given the simplicity, user-friendliness, robust capabilities and relative cost-effectiveness it offers.

Regardless of the site, you pick from WordPress, in order to take it to the next level you can opt for almost 40,000 plugin options!

But wait… did you know not all plugins are good?

How would you know the good ones from the bad ones? Don’t worry… we did the digging for you! Here are top 10 plugins for your website that are bound to boost your business.

1.    OptinMonster

OptinMonster in one of the most popular plugin software designed for conversion rate optimization. It converts website visitors into email subscribers. These email subscribers are of high value as you have the power to turn potential leads into credible clients. So if you want to grow your email list, this WordPress plugin is a must-have.

You can take a look at these case studies to see how several businesses are benefiting from OptinMonster.

2.    Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is a magic spell for your site, it increases the traffic to your website through SEO integration. It guides you to create better content and improve your search engine ranking. A number of people using search engines have reportedly increased overtime and continues to increase steadily. This makes Yoast SEO incredibly useful for you to create credible content for you viewers.

3.    WPForms

WPForms is considered the most beginner friendly contact form. If you are looking to stay in touch with your clients, this form is ideal for your site. It is as simple as using a mouse! Simply drag and drop the elements to customize your form or choose a pre-built template.

Its simple to use, its free and gives you classy basic features to unleash your creativity.

4.    Hummingbird

Did you know an average visitor only allows about 8 seconds for your site to load? Google recommends your site should load in about 2 seconds flat! This is where hummingbird can assist you. Hummingbird scans and gives you the analysis of your site. It allows you to view the overall score from our site’s speed and fix issues in simple clicks.

5.    W3 Total Cache

Your audience today has a short attention span, in order to grab that quality attention opt for W3 Total Cache. It ads browser, page, and object caching to give WordPress sites incredible speed boost. SEO focuses not only on the content o your site but also the loading time, excessive loading time causes 7% reduction in conversion rates.

6.    Akismet Anti-Spam

Slow loading speed is often caused by spamming, a villain acting-up on your site! It eats away at your website’s database space. Installing a robust WordPress plugin Akismet Anti-Spam is an excellent choice! Not only does it checks and filter out the spam automatically but also saves you time and hassle when it comes to moderation.

7.    Gravity Forms

You need a creative, easy to use and robust way to create forms that enable you to collect the important data from the potential clients and use it for your benefit. Gravity Forms allows you to build exceptional forms through easy to use tools. It also has add-ons to integrate with CRM’s, add third party payments such as PayPal and Stripe among other things.

8.    Advanced Custom Fields

For an average user, using WordPress custom fields can be tricky. Advanced Custom Fields allows you to turn WordPress into a full-fledged CMS. This makes it terribly flexible for even an average user, making it possible to customize the site as much as you prefer.

9.    WP Google Maps

Placing a map on your website is ideal if you are looking to allow your customers reach you easily, or guide your users to a place. There is a high chance of losing a client if you don’t have your address mentioned or possibly given your address effectively. WP Google Maps allows you to show your locations effectively and it is incredibly easy to use.

10.  UpdraftPlus – Backup/Restore

We all know the hassle that comes with hacking… It is in one word a nightmare in the digital world!

In order to make sure that your work is kept safe and doesn’t get in the stream of hacking, it is essential to take a regular backup check on your whole database. If your hosting provider doesn’t automatically backup your site, have no fear, there’s a plugin for that!   UpdraftPlus – Backup/Restore is an excellent web hosting provider that offers regular backups of your site.  You can backup locally (to your servers ftp site), to Amazon S3, Dropbox, Google Drive and more.  It’s easy to install and use.

Optimize You Website Today!

The above-mentioned WordPress plugins are an essential requirement for your website, it not only optimizes your website but is great tools to increase your online visibility and organic traffic. If you are looking for incredible WordPress sites along with other marketing benefits try Web Basix.